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The best time to visit Jordan is between the summer and winter season in spring or autumn when the sun is no longer baking hot. Winters can be very cold in most parts of the country but Aqaba and the Red Sea area are still quite nice at this time of year.


The electrical system in Jordan is based on 220 AC volts, 50 cycles and requires two-pronged wall plugs. Visitors from North America will need an adapter, which is available at most hotels.


When traveling to any foreign country, U.S. health officials advise that you be careful about drinking water from an unknown source, since this may be disruptive to digestive systems used to North American sources of water. Most 5-star hotels in Jordan, which we are using on this trip, have their own private filtration plants, and should not cause any digestive problems. However, bottled water is readily available.


Weather will be warm in Amman (average Fahrenheit temperatures range from 60-70 during the day to 40’s at night) and it will be warmer at the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley (70-80 degrees during the day). Possible rainfall occurrence in the northern regions.

Weather will be hot and quite dry in Amman (average Fahrenheit temperatures range from 70-90 during the day to 60’s at night) and it will be very hot at the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley (80-100 degrees during the day).

Weather will be warm in Amman (average Fahrenheit temperatures range from 60-70 during the day to 40’s at night) and it will be warmer at the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley (70-80 degrees during the day).

Weather will be cool in Amman (average Fahrenheit temperatures range from 40-60 during the day to 30’s at night) and it will be warmer at the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley (60-70 degrees during the day). Sporadic rainfall can occur, with possible snow showers


Jordan is a primary a Muslim country, although the freedom of all religions is protected. Muslim women’s clothing often covers their arms, legs and hair. Western women are not subject to these customs, but very revealing clothing is never appropriate, and conservative dress is advisable for both men and women in the old part of Amman (Downtown), and outside the cities. Shorts are rarely worn by either sex, and would be out of place in downtown Amman area. Topless sunbathing is prohibited and one-piece swimsuits are preferred, although two-piece swimsuits are acceptable at hotels pools.

Even in summer, evenings can be cool, so sweater or shawl is advisable. Winters can be extremely cold, especially in Amman and the east; you will need a raincoat.

Walking shoes are advisable since Petra and most of the archeological sites are unpaved and sandy.


There will be many opportunities to shop during your trip. All major credit cards are accepted although some, not all, stores may charge you a 3-5% service fee if paying for your shopping with a credit card. ATM machines are available around Jordan should you need to use them.

Day off

The weekly days off is Friday and Saturday. The stores are generally closed except the large supermarkets and malls. The “souk” of the down town remain open.

Opening hours

Governmental offices: 08o’clock – 15o’clock, from Sunday tot Thursday

During Ramadan: 09o’clock – 14o’clock, from Sunday to Thursday

Banks : 08o’clock – 15o’clock, from Sunday to Thursday

Trade organizations: 09o’clock – 19o’clock, from Saturday to Thursday

Stores: 09 o’clock – end of the day.

Certain supermarkets are open 24h.

Useful numbers

Morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum at eros.Donec ullamcorper nulla non.

  • Emergency

Police 191 – 192

Fire Department or civil protection 199

Ambulance and first aid 193

  • Other numbers

Complains concerning hotels’ services 06 4642311

Flights information Royal Jordanian   06 4453200

Air France: 06 5666055

Tourist offices in Aqaba: 03 2013633

Petra:03 2157020

Jerash: 04 451272

Madaba 05 543376